Why JFC Produce

Welcome to the Jones Food Company. We are committed to growing locally so that fresh produce can be delivered from harvest to plate in minimal time. We grow using cutting edge commercial hydroponics to produce crops in a fully controlled environment monitored consistently 365 days a year ideal for food production as well as growing high quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients. By adopting our growing techniques, we dramatically reduce our environmental impact.

Out of this world







Our first unit has been constructed in North Lincolnshire. With more than 5,000 square metres of production area, we have the ability to produce consistent crop yields to cover twelve months of the year.

Stacked in a vertical arrangement, our growing units are sustainable and economical. An autonomous vehicle is able to reach up to the highest levels, to carefully position the crops at the start of their growth cycle and also harvest the products at the optimum time.

Using these techniques, we are able to dramatically reduce plant contamination with micro-organisms, via water, air and also human contact. This means our crops are the freshest, most flavourful and most nutritious on the market!

We plan to use these techniques to expand our production and crop types across the UK. Keep an eye on our website for the latest updates.

What We Offer








Leafy Salad

Our current focus is on leafy salads and herbs. We plan to expand the range into other plant types, especially where
year-round products are demanded.


Jones Food has a strong team with many years in the commercial growing industry, both from a scientific background to full commercial production roles. They are seriously passionate about growing excellent produce in the most advanced methods possible. We take time to consider the plants needs, then take an old-fashioned growers perspective of what we want the taste, size and quality produced should be.

With this information, it is then applied with cutting edge technology to produce the crops in the most environmentally efficient way possible with increased yields and crop cycles. Our processes enable us to ensure our growing helps with food security and hygiene standards as well as eliminating food air miles. However, our ambitious plans for growth don’t stop here...