How vertical farming can help your business grow

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JFC+ Partnerships

Jones Food Company offers a variety of models to suit your needs, whether you need quality British produce tomorrow or you are looking to build your farm of the future, get in touch with us now.

Our dedicated team with JFC+ can assess your business priorities and tailor the best solution for you. Contact us to today to find out more.

Direct supply

We currently supply 3,000kg of herbs each week to customers around the UK. Get in touch today to find out what we can grow for you and your customers.

Joint venture

You are experts at growing your crops and we are experts at building vertical farms. By leveraging our joint expertise we can create a unique offering.

Dedicated facility

If you are thinking more long-term about growing using vertical farming technology, Jones Food Company can build a turn-key facility specifically for your business.

Farm sustainably

Growing food outdoors often requires extensive resources at the expense of our natural environment and food quality.

By taking farming vertical this dramatically reduces the amount of resources required and removes the need for harmful chemicals typically associated with field agriculture.

Renewable power

Vertical farms can utilise renewable energy to grow crops. JFC1 uses solar energy to provide ~15% of its power requirements. JFC2 will grow using 100% renewable energy.

90% less water

JFC's vertical farms are able to capture and recirculate water on a huge scale. Each litre of water is cleaned and re-used up to 30x reducing our total water usage by up to 90% per kg of produce grown.

Reduced chemicals

Farming outdoors often requires harsh chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. JFC's vertical farms reduce the need for chemicals, improving our food's quality, taste and freshness.

Farm better

Farming has historically been an endeavour against changing external conditions; temperature, rain, wind and so many others.

Growing vertically means taking away all these environmental externalities, allowing farmers to do more of what they do best; growing. Ultimately this leads to a fresher product with a longer shelf life and reduced food miles.

Quality first

JFC's expert agronomists and growers can focus their time on growing the best possible herbs and leafy greens. Vertical farming gives our produce a more intense flavour and richer nutrient profile.

Local food

The UK grows only ~50% of its vegetables and <20% of its fruit. JFC's vertical farms allow us to grow crops year-round, bringing consumers closer to their food and helping to improve food security in this country.

Lower food miles

In the colder months, herbs and leafy greens are flown in from warmer climates. By growing more food locally we can reduce food miles by up to 95% on certain crops.

Farm more

The primary advantage of JFC's vertical farming technology is the huge increase in yields our systems produce. Our fully automated vertical farms can produce up to 100x the yield per m2 of land whilst reducing operational costs too.

100x yield

By stacking crops on vertical layers, growing crops 24/7, 365 days a year and utilising JFC's proprietary growing methods and software, we are able to dramatically improve yields and improve commercial viability.

Full automation

Automation potential is much greater in, space efficient vertical farms. In our world-class facilities, JFC uses state-of-the-art robotics and implements technology from our partner The Ocado Group to operate world-class facilities.

Reduced OPEX

Competitive against indoor hydroponic greenhouses, JFC's vertical farms are the ideal solution to meeting growing demand for quality, fresh produce at an affordable price point.